business services

business consulting services to the creative trades

My legacy is to support existing industry professionals and mentor the next generation of creative design professionals with the knowledge achieved through 33+ years of experience in the design industry.

business advisory

Business Coaching; Personal + Professional

Advisory business coaching through assisting and guiding the business owner in running their ID and/or Architecture business by helping clarify the vision of their business and how it fits with their personal and financial goals.

Company + Team Structure Strategy

Analyze and provide suggestions for bettering existing company leadership and team structures to align with the firm’s vision for their business goals and culture. A clear vision that supports the growth and betterment of the teams results in a culture of employee wellness increasing loyalty and productivity.

Proposal + Contract Analysis

Review of existing contracts, proposals, and work plan structure and suggestions for alterations and improvements. Thorough business documentation results in a clearly defined scope of work for your business plan and your client deliverables.

Process Improvements

Examination of existing project processes to improve productivity and employee job satisfaction. Comprehensive process systems increase profitability and successful project outcome retaining client loyalty and business referrals.

On-site Interior Design Project Management Alignment

sensitori acts as the Client’s representative for projects during construction to assure alignment with the Client’s interior design intent and the deliverable of the general construction company and their consultants.

Industry Connections for Collaboration + Development

sensitori provides referrals and connections for project development with independent entities such as architectural firms, landscape architecture, furniture designers, branding, marketing, public relations, website design, industry resources, manufacturing representatives, and other industry creatives for collaboration.