Avid Hotel Prototype

Wanda Vista Hotel

Kimpton Aertson Hotel

Nashville, TN

This hotel creates a unique and tailored experience for guests connecting them to Nashville’s rich history and culture.

The design concept draws inspiration from the creative spirit of the city and universities namesake, Cornelius Vanderbilt.  Incorporating Nashville’s historical value on craftsmen, the design includes elements that feel handmade in all 180 guestrooms and public areas. The design experience starts the moment guests step through the door emphasizing Kimpton’s philosophy as a place where guests feel like they are in a comfortable and stylish home. Art is a central focus of the design, with space intentionally created for the installation of curated pieces that fit into the hotel’s overall energy. A natural palette with blue tones is paired with metal accents, natural woods, and other materials emphasizing hand-crafted textures.  All of these key touch points deliver a unique sensory experience that connects the guests with the inspirational surroundings.  

*as part of the Gensler project team